Nathan Abel Artist Printmaker

Nathan Abel
Born in North Dakota, Nathan Abel is an artist currently working in New Mexico, Wyoming, and the spaces between. Growing up in the rural agrarian midwest and the rocky mountains has instilled a deep interest in both the untouched and manipulated landscapes. Nathan’s work draws upon these landscapes surveying his personal identity, relationships and history. He explores these decaying memories and oral history through the use of printmaking, drawing, book arts, and installation. 

Nathan currently is working as a graphic designer for Ball Advertising Group in Casper, Wyoming and building out his print studio at home. He is also the co-founder of Lucky Day Press a small fledgling fine art press.

Artist Statement
My work surveys personal identity and history through the decay and manipulation of memories. As the tradition of oral history diminishes, I cling to the histories passed down to me by family members and recollections of my own experiences. My interpretations of these memories and experiences exist between the conscious and the unconscious mind. I am able to reflect on these histories while traveling through the rural western landscape which holds the very memories I meditate on. I find myself asking questions and listening for answers over its great expanse. The result are images that are forever shifting, just as memories do. I rework plates, stones, blocks and drawings to create images with their own histories which often have echoes of those that came before.